Steyl & De villiers

debt collecting since 1992

Our vision

In today’s competitive business environment, CASH FLOW is one of the most vital aspects of profitability for any business large or small.
Our aim is to improve our client’s cash flow through the prompt collection of OUTSTANDING DEBTS.

Dedicated Call Center
Topnotch call center hardware and software. Trained agents.​
Sophisticated Software
Latest software for collection, management and reporting.
Capable Staff
All our personnel are highly trained, motivated and professional.

About Us

STEYL & DE VILLIERS cc was established in 1992 and has vast experience in debtor administration. Our broad knowledge base and highly trained personnel enable us to render exceptional service to our clients.

We provide EXCELLENT CLIENT SERVICES in commercial debt collections and consumer debt collections with the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

We operate across all sectors and our techniques are designed to ensure both MAXIMUM RECOVERY RATIOS and full legal compliance.

Our aim is to assist our customers to reduce bad debt, increase profitability, boost cash flow and improve their debtors book quality. We provide a simple yet affective debt collection service that utilize intelligent techniques, a myriad of information sources and sophisticated software. The high degree of success is directly attributable to the intelligent way we go about it.

We ensure that arrears accounts are collected ethically and efficiently, while leaving the debtor’s dignity intact. 

You Are In Good Hands

For some companies debt collection services might be a completely new step in growing their business. So whether this is your first time making use of a debt collection agency or even if you have made use of debt collection agencies before, rest assured that you are in the best hands in the industry. You do what you do best. Let us do what we do best. We have a proven track record of successful debt recovery since 1992.

 No Success, No charge!

Tracing facility for the benefit of our clients.

Swift legal action when necessary and only charge on successful collections.

Monthly Reports

Registered with the Council for Debt Collectors.

Nationwide debt collection service.

Our commission rates offer excellent value for the work we undertake.

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